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Mid Am Hockey Update 5/7/2020

Most current update regarding hockey. Nothing permitted until mid June at this point.

USA Hockey Update 5/5/2020

USA Hockey info starts on page 13

Mid Am Hockey Update 4/7/2020

Here is the most current information from Mid Am Hockey. Earliest we could shoot for tryouts would be May 15th based on their instruction. We would need to assess where Hess stood with the renovation at that point to see if they would be back open. For now, we're still assuming a June time frame for tryouts. 

Regarding registration, we have 110 players signed up as of now. We should be around 180 based on last season, so there are still a lot that have not registered. Please do register your player so we can start to look at the budget. Invoice due dates are arbitrary at the moment. We won't be asking for payment until we have a real date for tryouts, so please don't let that deter you from registering. 

Stay safe out there. As always, please contact me should you have questions. 

Shane Saracco
LCAHA Treasurer

Tryouts suspended INDEFINITELY

Tryouts suspended indefinitely

UPDATE - LCAHA 2020/21 Tryouts/Registration


LCAHA Families,

We have received many inquiries regarding registration and upcoming tryouts, and the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on them. LCAHA and our activities, including tryouts, are sanctioned by our governing body USA Hockey. Based on a conference call yesterday evening (3/17/20) with PAHL leadership, we expect that USA Hockey will be releasing guidelines regarding the 2020/21 season tryouts by the end of this week. As soon as this new information is made available, it will be reviewed by LCAHA and then shared with all of you.

We anticipate being informed that tryouts will not be permitted to be held until May at the earliest. This being the case, we feel that our organization’s tryouts would then not be held until early June. This is due to the fact that Hess Ice Rink was planning on closing down for the month of May in order to ramp up construction and finish off large portions of the renovation. Anticipating the mandated delay in our tryouts, Hess will be closing the rink now, and immediately move into the next phase of the renovation. (Currently they are laying the interior block for the locker rooms and are anticipating removing the trailers out front in the very near future.) Once the locker rooms are complete, the rink could then reopen, and we would be able to hold our tryouts. Again, we are targeting that this would occur in early June. Since our season ended so abruptly, we would plan on bringing everyone back for a week or two of practices prior to holding our tryouts.

In the meantime, we ask that everyone continue to get registered for the upcoming season. We still need to be able to project how many teams and players we will have for 2020/21, so we can determine our budget and set season dues. Invoices will be sent for registration/tryouts, and for the sake of keeping our financials in order, the due date will show as 4/1/20, but the true due date will not be determined until we have a final plan in place for tryouts.

Obviously, this is an unprecedented situation that we are facing. We will all need to be patient as new information becomes available that will affect our plans. We will continue to keep in communication with all of our members to try to keep everyone up to speed.

We will post this message to Facebook, our website, and email out to team managers and ask that they distribute accordingly.

Please reach out to any Board member should you have questions. We will do our best to answer what we can.

Shane Saracco
LCAHA Treasurer

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